How to reduce your appetite & increase weight loss with Glucomannan

Reducing appetite is not an easy thing and long term success is not always possible. There are various things that have been said about reduction of appetite, including things like pills, potions and diets but none are guaranteed to really work.

Glucomannan is one of the natural dietary fibers which are quite effective as a weight loss supplement.

About Glucomannan – the best fiber and how to lose 20 pounds in a month taking it

fiber pills glucomannan for fast weight lossGlucomannan is a water soluble and natural dietary fiber, which is extracted from elephant yam roots.

Glucomannan can be accessed in the form of supplements. It is also sometimes mixed up in drinks and in some food products like pasta flour. It is used in shirataki noodles as the main ingredient.

Glucomannan is 40% of elephant yam dry weight. The yam is from Southeast Asia originally and it has a very long history as it has for a long time been used in various herbal mixes and foods such as the traditional tofu, konjac jelly and noodles. Apart from use as a supplement, it is also used as an additive specifically as a thickener and emulsifier.

The role of fiber in losing weight really fast

When the friendly bacteria are nourished within the intestines, the effect achieved is called prebiotic effect and it is believed to be essential for body weight and overall health of the body and is one of the best things to do if you want to lose weight fast. .

fiber can help you lose 20 pounds in a monthThere is yet another fiber that is referred to as resistant starch that acts in that same manner. Fiber isn’t usually digested and it gets to the large intestines on a form that is rather unchanged. There are some fibers that feed the bacteria and there are very important for health. The good bacteria help in the fight against inflammation, which leads to diseases and obesity.

Gut bacteria affects the inflammatory pathways. They are able to make nutrients for the body and this includes fatty acids that are short chain which feed in cells within the colon. Gut inflammation is greatly reduced and there are major improvements on some of the inflammatory disorders.

Acute inflammation is beneficial because it helps the body in the repair of the damaged cells and fighting off foreign invaders within the body. On the other hand, chronic inflammation is a great problem which is deployed against the tissues of the body in an inappropriate way.

Viscous fiber and a 20 pounds weight loss

Viscous fiber helps in the reduction of appetite and it allows you to eat much less without having to even try. To lose weight, we have to have much less calories. You need to lose more calories than taken in so as to lose weight successfully. Fiber reduces the appetite and therefore we end up eating less since we feel full.

Why is fiber so important for weight loss

Fiber is very well known as a nutrient but not too many people really understand it. Fiber is in reference to the carbohydrates that aren’t digestible by the humans. Fibers are classified as either insoluble or soluble. This depends on whether they can dissolve in the liquids.

The insoluble fibers are able to act as bulking agents and these aren’t that interesting. The soluble fibers on the other hand have a very powerful effect on metabolism and health of an individual. The soluble fibers are great for weight loss. The fiber needs to have some very specific properties so as to be effective. This is the main reason as to why fibers form a very big part of our entire diet plan.

How fiber works for losing 20 lbs in a month

Fiber is able to feed friendly bacteria within the gut. In the human gut, there are around 100 trillion bacterial especially within the large intestine. The bacteria are referred to as gut flora. It may not sound so desirable to hear about bacteria within the gut, but this is actually an amazing thing.

fiber to lose 20 lbsThere are various bacterial species within the stomach and all have a very important role especially with regard to brain function, immunity, sugar control, management of weight and health. Bacteria have to feed well, so as to remain healthy just like all other organisms.

The soluble fiber passes through ones digestive system in a state that is unchanged and finally, if will reach the friendly bacteria that is within the intestines. The bacteria digest the fiber and thereby turn it into usable energy.