Why is fiber so important for weight loss

Fiber is very well known as a nutrient but not too many people really understand it. Fiber is in reference to the carbohydrates that aren’t digestible by the humans. Fibers are classified as either insoluble or soluble. This depends on whether they can dissolve in the liquids.

The insoluble fibers are able to act as bulking agents and these aren’t that interesting. The soluble fibers on the other hand have a very powerful effect on metabolism and health of an individual. The soluble fibers are great for weight loss. The fiber needs to have some very specific properties so as to be effective. This is the main reason as to why fibers form a very big part of our entire diet plan.

How fiber works for losing 20 lbs in a month

Fiber is able to feed friendly bacteria within the gut. In the human gut, there are around 100 trillion bacterial especially within the large intestine. The bacteria are referred to as gut flora. It may not sound so desirable to hear about bacteria within the gut, but this is actually an amazing thing.

fiber to lose 20 lbsThere are various bacterial species within the stomach and all have a very important role especially with regard to brain function, immunity, sugar control, management of weight and health. Bacteria have to feed well, so as to remain healthy just like all other organisms.

The soluble fiber passes through ones digestive system in a state that is unchanged and finally, if will reach the friendly bacteria that is within the intestines. The bacteria digest the fiber and thereby turn it into usable energy.